Trapping Services  $175- $250.00

Basic Trapping Service
includes set up, up to 7 trapping days or the removal of 1 animal.  $175.00

Full Trapping Service
includes full inspection, consultation and set up. 7 days of trapping with 3 service visits, and the removal of up to 3 animals. You may continue service at an additional cost of $75.00 which includes up to 7 additional days of trapping or the pick up of 1 additional animal.  $250.00

Inspection  $100.00
  (will be applied towards trapping if you choose to do so at that time).

Inspection is a great idea if you are buying or just bought a home, or if you think you may have a critter problem but are not sure. We will come out and inspect for any evidence of critters. We will also inspect for any entry points being used now, or that may be used in the future.

Dead Animal Removal  $150- $200.00

Dead Animal Removal Service includes searching for the location of the animal and the removal if accessible. It also includes disinfecting and deodorizing the area under the carcass.

Critter Proofing  $35-$100.00*

Critter Proofing Service starts after trapping and the building appears to be animal free. An animal sealed in will often chew and claw through a ceiling or wall to get out, or it may die in an area that is not accessible and may need to be extricated.

It is wise to not only seal the entry points being use now, but also all other areas that can be used in the future. A small rat needs less than one square inch to pass through and if it decides to stay it can and will chew the opening as large as it likes. A rodent's teeth grow several inches per year making it possible and necessary for them to spend most their time chewing.
* The cost of animal exclusion for a single story building is usually $35-$75 per entry point with trapping or inspection service.
The cost of animal exclusion for a single story building without trapping or inspection service is usually $35-$75 per entry point
with $100 min.                                           
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